Research Productions

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    Qual research from Houston, Texas
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    Family interview with graphics
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    Video and stats creatively delivered

Since 2000 we have been producing content for various nationwide research organisations. The productions that we produce vary from simple edits where our post production suites are booked for a period of time, to creative content were we shoot the necessary footage and compile the edit into a creative style where the information is delivered to the client in an entertaining and informative way. We shoot focus group discussions, single and group interviews and vox pops (internal or on location). When necessary we work with a crew of three to make sure that all areas of the production are covered: please view our team page for more information. If you require your own footage to be edited for your presentations, please give us to call to discuss the topic and style and we can help with creative style and overall content.

Due to the nature of this work, unfortunately we cannot show examples of our research productions on this site.