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    on location at sea.
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    slow motion sports shooting.
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    As a crew we travel all over the country (and internationally) to shoot the footage we need to produce our client's productions. The kit we use would depend on the style of production and look we want to achieve. Using tracks and jibs we can create a look that enhances our shots and makes the final production look fantastic. As we have been working together for many years, our in-house crew know each other inside out and complement each other throughout the production process.

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    The Production Company shoot on various cameras from the Arri Alexa for broadcast work, to the Red Epic for documentary and slow motion work. Our day to day cameras change from Sony's PMW300 and other XDCAM cameras to the excellent Sony FS5 and FS7. We like to plan our productions with the kit in mind.

    Neil Thornton - The Production Company, Director