What's Happening?

Highlights of what's going on with us.

  • DateOngoing
  • Client: Really Useful Products


Whilst shooting for phase 2 of our 'Building the Butterfly' documentary, we have been commissioned to film the restoration of George Harrisons old Porsche. Mike will be adding this purchase to his design centre collection...when built.

  • DateOngoing
  • client: Various

Various creative shoots - Nationwide

We travel all over the UK on a weekly basis, filming interviews, products and creative treatments: like this one here at Arsenal.

  • DateOngoing
  • client: Various Outputs


Over the past year we have been all over the world documenting peoples' usage of popular phone apps. Our lastest journey will be taking us to Saudi Arabia.

  • new KITDrone, B4 Lens Mount, Sony FS5, A7S mark 2 and the Ronin M


Again we are mixing it up with our cameras, using the Red Dragon, Sony FS5 and FS7 and also using the A7S Mark2 with the Ronin M.