What's Happening?

Highlights of what's going on with us.

  • DateOngoing
  • Client: Really Useful Products


As the second of three projects start to take shape, we are building up the documentary footage by tracking the activities of Really Useful Products, all over the world. Our last venture saw us in Chicago.

  • DateOngoing
  • client: Various

Various creative shoots - Nationwide

We travel all over the UK on a weekly basis, filming interviews, products and creative treatments. Above you can see a shot from a recent shoot with Andy McNab for our documentary: Behind the Door.

  • DateOngoing
  • client: Various Outputs


Over the past year we have been all over the world documenting peoples' usage of popular phone apps. Our lastest journey is taking us to Paris and Istanbul.

  • new KITDrone, B4 Lens Mount, Sony FS5, A7S mark 2 and the Ronin M


Again we are mixing it up with our cameras, using the Red Dragon, Sony FS5 and FS7 and also using the A7S Mark2 with the Ronin M.